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Solar Energy Berkshire offer the best high output solar panels installations across Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. All our employees are highly skilled professionals with years of experience setting up domestic solar power systems.

Investing in a Solar PV system allows you to take advantage of a tax-free index linked income for 20 years using the government’s feed-in-tariff. As energy prices have increased significantly over the last 5 to 10 years, solar energy can make a big dent in your domestic bills as well as help the environment.

We believe solar powered homes for both our customers and the environment is a big step in the right direction. Contact us now for more information or any questions.

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    How Domestic Solar PV Systems Work

    Solar Photovoltaic systems use light from the sun to produce electricity. Solar panel cells are made of Silicon, a natural substance that can be found deep within the earth’s crust. Each cell...

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    Solar Feed-in-Tariff

    Find out more info about the feed in tariff scheme and how you can make money by producing more power.

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    About Us

    We are a local company that operated around the Berkshire area. Address: Solar Energy Berkshire Windsor Berkshire SL4 7RT Tel: 0118 000012